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1 The Myth and Reality of Ecosystem Services in Seasonal Tropical Forests: Lessons from the Agua Salud Project  Document
Jefferson and his colleagues have been investigating the ecosystems services provided by tropical forests within the Panama Canal watershed and how they change with land use and climate change. His research involving developing hydrological models...
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2 Clean Energy and Eco-Charcoal - Addressing Deforestation to Mitigate Climate Change in East Africa  Topic
Background Renewable clean energy is a priority for sustainable development and is included in the Global Climate Change Initiative and several UN conventions. Speaking at the Fourth World Future Energy Summit, the UN Secretary-General reinforced...
3 Grazing Management and Carbon Sequestration in Community Conservancies of Northern Kenya  Topic
Background Africa’s rapidly increasing human population is driving increased pressure on the continent’s grasslands to produce more livestock for milk and protein.  More intensive grazing and failing pastoralist systems, in Africa’s rangelands, are...
4 Interim Report: Soil Carbon Dynamics in the Northern Rangelands Trust Member Conservancies, Kenya  Document
A key question in the management of pastoral systems in semi-arid grasslands is how grazing and other management affects soil carbon. Soil carbon may be a key mediator of soil fertility and the capture of available rainfall, but the influence of...
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5 Map of Northern Rangelands Trust Conservancies—Soil Carbon Dynamics on the NRT Conservancies  Document
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6 Report: Review of Household Clean Energy Technology for Lighting, Charging and Cooking in East Africa—Kenya and Tanzania  Document
The report, authored by consultants from GVEP for AWF and JGI, focuses on the technologies of improved cookstoves, biomass briquettes and eco-charcoal, solar, biogas and wind. Each technology option has a range of both imported and local products...
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7 Toolkit for Implementing Household Energy Projects in Conservation Areas  Document
This step-by-step toolkit, authored by GVEP international for AWF and JGI, walks users undertaking clean energy projects at the household level in conservation areas of Kenya and Tanzania through the process of designing, implementing, monitoring,...
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8 Executive Summary: Clean Energy Review and Toolkit  Document
This Executive Summary covers key points from the Review of Household Clean Energy Technology for Lighting, Charging and Cooking in East Africa – Kenya and Tanzania and the Toolkit for Implementing Household Energy Projects in Conservation Areas.
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9 Assessing Mangrove Carbon Pools in the Zambezi Delta, Mozambique: A Pilot Baseline Assessment for REDD+ Reporting and Monitoring  Document
Carl Trettin, Ph.D. discussed the establishment of a pilot Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) mangrove project, as part of USAID/Mozambique's Climate Change Program. Mozambique has been identified as a country that is...
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10 WIO-­‐ Mangroves and Carbon Assessment Regional Workshop  Document
A report of the meeting on the Eastern Africa Mangroves and Carbon Assessment Workshop in Maputo, Mozambique, held from 29th–31st October 2012, with the following objectives: "Discuss commonalities and differences in findings from mangrove...
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