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1 Costs of Mining  Topic
This community space is to provide follow-up discussion from the February 29, 2012 webinar the Costs of Mining: Artisanal vs commercial and global policy with local impact. It will also provide opportunities to explore in more depth the crossroads...
2 Conflict Diamonds (Africa Region Working Paper No. 13)  Document
ABSTRACT: This paper by Louis Goreux (published in March 2001), aims to contribute to a better understanding of the role diamonds play in financing civil wars with a view to enhancing the ability of international organizations to help prevent...
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3 Hard Currency: The Criminalized Diamond Economy of the DRC and its Neighbors  Document
BACKGROUND: Central Africa’s main diamond exporters — Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the Central African Republic (CAR), and the Republic of the Congo— are among the least developed countries in the world. Diamonds are one of the...
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4 Kimberley Process: Essential Elements of an International Scheme of Certification for Rough Diamonds  Document
This is the final document produced by the Kimberley Process identifying the essential elements of an international scheme of certification for rough diamonds, with a view to breaking the link between armed conflict and trade in rough diamonds....
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5 Hi, I am working with colleagues at IFAD, Intl Agricultural Development Fund, in the livestock sector in Bolivia and Mongolia. We are interested in the possibilities of achieving complementarity and avoiding conflict in the land use arrangements between these two sectors. Does anyone have any experience or documents/resources to recommend in this respect? Thanks, Chase  Question
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