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1 Climate Change  Community
To provide a space for discussion and knowledge sharing around global climate change.
2 Gendered dimensions of disaster risk management, natural resource management, and climate change adaptation in the Pacific  Document
"Disasters and climate change result in numerous impacts on people, their communities, and their environments...An understanding of the gendered dimensions of disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and natural resource management...
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3 Redesigning biodiversity conservation projects for climate change: examples from the field  Document
Describes a step-by-step approach to developing climate change adaptation strategies for conservation projects.
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4 Scaling up community-based adaptation  Online Resource
This blog entry from Robin Mearns of the World Bank describes the recent conference on scaling up community-based approaches to climate change adaptation. This was the fifth such international conference, organized by the Bangladesh Center for...
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5 European Union Contributes 54.5 million Euros to the GFDRR for African, Caribbean and Pacific Countries  Online Resource
The World Bank and the European Commission have signed a financial agreement to support the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery (GFDRR) with a contribution of more than 54 million Euros to support disaster risk reduction programmes in...
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6 How do we start using what we know from climate change researchers to implement adaptation strategies and take action in responding to its consequences on the ground level?  Question
The climate change community's work remains largely scientific and theoretical, and, for the most part, has yet to see practical ground level action. However, activities such as biodiversity conservation and natural resource management enhancement...
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7 How can climate change adaptation be integrated into other programs to gain stakeholder and popular support?  Question
In gaining multilateral support for climate change initiatives, competing priorities and limited resources make it important to show that benefits outweigh costs. And because climate change is largely unpredictable, it is hard to measure the...
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8 Global Adaptation Index  Online Resource
I just discovered this tool put out by a Washington, DC-based non-profit called the Global Adaptation Institute. It's a web-based tool that dynamically displays a countries readiness to adapt and vulnerability to climate change. It was just launched...
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9 Climate Change Adaptation Marketplace: Case Studies and Tools  Online Resource
As presented in a workshop at the August 2011 Interaction Forum in Washington, DC, this compendium includes a list and background of case studies, tools, and methodologies that were featured at a workshop for sharing knowledge management,...
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10 REDD Implementers: How have you successfully engaged indigenous communities and smallholders on the issues of property rights and carbon payments?  Question
This question is a follow-on to a question asked in April of 2010. How have implementers addressed the issues around secure property rights and ensuring that payments are properly directed.
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