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1 Natural Products  Topic
More than 300 million people worldwide collect and trade natural products - an important component of the incomes and benefits for poor rural households in developing countries. Yet, evidence from around the world suggests more can be done to...
2 I wonder if scenarios like these - where there are clear conservation and livelihood benefits when tenure and ownership of biodiversity is secure - can be achieved without external intervention?  Question
If such scenarios are so reliant on that initial contact between producer communities – who are often fragmented geographically and facing the challenges of poor transport which complicates the movement of bulky or perishable goods – and...
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3 Bush Free East Africa Network (BEAN)  Online Resource
A resource website for the BEAN network aimed at disseminating a regional approach to address the bushmeat problem in Easter Africa.
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4 Economics, Food Security & Sustainability [Bushmeat Crisis Task Force]  Online Resource
Economics drives the bushmeat crisis, although cultural preferences may also play a role. Growing demand for meat in most cities provides new economic opportunities for people whose traditional sources of income have withered with falling...
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5 FSN Network Knowledge Sharing Meeting in Washington, DC  Online Resource
FSN Network Knowledge Sharing Meeting in Washington, DC The FSN Network Knowledge Sharing Meeting in Washington, DC will take place November 13-15, 2012. The meeting will bring together grantees, donors, and researchers for peer learning,...
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