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1 African Centre for Technology Studies, Ecological Sources of Conflicts in SSAfrica  Online Resource
The African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) launched a policy research and information dissemination project in the year 2000 to examine the extent to which environmental or Ecological resource scarcity and ecological stress contribute to...
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2 Drylands Tenure Policy : 3. What governance structures and processes should be in place to ensure accountability, equity and transparency?  Question
Drylands populations are significant for poverty reduction both because of their numbers worldwide and their high levels of poverty, as well as the fact that population pressures in more attractive areas are forcing people into these...
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3 Scaling-up, Replication and Innovations: 5. Describe some innovations that deals with governance issues.   Question
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4 Conventions Locales Discussion Summaries  Document
Individual abstracts from all the thematic areas within this discussion group - In English.
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5 Governance  Community
Welcome to the Natural Resources Governance Tools Community of Practice! This CoP is designed to provide a space for discussion and knowledge sharing around governance tools for for natural resource management. Please visit the Tools and Resources...
6 Annonce Forum  Document
L'Eau,source de conflit: Cas de la Guinée. Quelles approches de solution
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7 Annonce Forum PGEG  Document
les Impacts de l'Alimentation sur l'Environnement Les système de producrtion traditionnelle et industriel de l'alimentation ont eu plusieurs impacts nefaste sur l'environnement et la santé des êtres humains et des organismes. une alimentation...
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8 Forest Co Management Evaluation Report  Document
Faced with the challenge of climate change and the advanced degradation of the environment in guinea, coalition are needed to meet the challenge and ensure a sustainable development for present and future generations.....
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9 Peace-Building through Natural Resource Management  Topic
Natural resources have always been linked to conflict both directly and indirectly, being heavily rooted in economic and social structures. And while the transition toward peace for post-conflict countries can be difficult and complicated, natural...
10 Registration for FRAMEwebinar on Peace-Building and NRM  Online Resource
   FRAMEwebinar: Managing Natural Resources for Peace-building in Post-Conflict Societies "Environment and natural resources are crucial in...
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