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1 Biologic, Economic and Nutritional Implications of the Wildlife Harvest & Bushmeat Trade in Liberia, West Africa  Document
Reg Hoyt (Forest Partners International) presented results and implications of his work surveying bushmeat marketers and users in Liberia, primarily large cities and small communities around Sapo National Park. Main results:  Liberia has high...
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2 Eminent domain in East Africa  Document
PDF of the PowerPoint presentation on eminent domain considerations in conservation: experiences from protected areas in East Africa.  Value to the Community presentation for those unable to attend May 3, 2007 meeting
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3 March 13, 2008: Bushmeat in West Africa: Pathways to Collaborative Action  Online Resource
Presentation given at the USAID Biodiversity and Forestry Seminar Series, March 13, 2008. Commercial, illegal and unsustainable hunting for the meat of wild animals threatens biodiversity, human health and livelihoods in many parts of the...
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4 October 2, 2008: Living with elephants: Challenges of reconfiguring community spaces for trans-frontier conservation in southern Africa  Online Resource
Presentation given at the USAID Biodiversity and Forestry Seminar Series, October 2, 2008. Presentation by Parakh Hoon, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, Virginia Tech In the last decade, as elephant populations in...
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5 April 14, 2010: Land Tenure Issues for Carbon Offset and PES Projects- Lessons from Africa and Latin America- Video  Online Resource
Video presentation of the April 14 seminar series. Speakers: Dr. Lisa Naughton and Dr. Matthew Turner, Land Tenure Center, University of Wisconsin in Madison Land ownership and resource access is fundamentally important for...
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