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1 Emerging Infectious Diseases in Africa: What Can the Conservation Community Do to Prepare?  Topic
  Emerging infectious diseases (EIDs) represent a significant strain on conservation initiatives, directly threatening wildlife and human health as well as the capacity to generate sustainable livelihoods, food security, and promote...
2 7 August 08 ABCG Emerging Infectious Disease Meeting Participant List   Document
Participant list for 7 August 2008 ABCG Meeting on "Emerging Infectious Disease".
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3 Environmental Impacts of Emerging Infectious Disease Resource Guide  Document
Environmental Impacts of Emerging Infectious Disease Resource Guide compiled by ABCG Veterinary Consultant, Dr. Dan Schar.
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4 Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases in Africa - Presentation  Document
Many of the factors that frame emerging infectious disease events, and their resultant impacts on biodiversity conservation, are driven by economics, and that poverty alleviation and sustainable livelihoods opportunities are critical components of...
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5 Bushmeat Crisis Task Force  Website
Weblink to the Bushmeat Crisis Task Force.
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6 International Conservation & Education Fund   Website
Weblink to the International Conservation & Education Fund
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7 Consortium for Conservation Medicine  Online Resource
Website for the Consortium for Conservation Medicine
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