Creating New Values for Africa: Emerging Ecosystem Service Markets

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This booklet contains 12 featured projects and initiatives which demonstrate the current innovations and challenges to carbon, water, biodiversity PES implementation in Africa. Our hope is that this publication, (coupled with training sessions, policy advice, legal analysis, and network building) will enable community leaders, government actors, NGO technical staff, project developers and other interested persons to gain access to PES best practice, build a local community of PES learning, craft policies that are supportive of PES, and design PES projects which provide lasting ecosystem services and livelihood benefits.

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Forest Trends and the Katoomba Group

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  • Private wrote "These resources also address Payment for Environmental services and emerging ecosystem markets."
  • Private wrote "The Katoomba Group seeks to address key challenges for developing markets for ecosystem services, from enabling legislation to establishment of new market institutions, to strategies of pricing and marketing, and performance monitoring. "

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