Final Report: A Comparison and Analysis of Current Environmental Policies, Laws and Regulations of the Member Countries of the Mano River Union

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Trans-Boundary Policy Harmonization Project For Management of Forests, Biodiversity, Flora and Fauna of the Mano River Union States

This report is a tool designed to help foster knowledge of regional policy and to promote the innovation and harmonization component of the STEWARD program. The report reviews the current environmental policies, laws and regulations of the member countries of the Mano River Union (MRU). To that end, the report serves both as a reference, and as a stimulus for dialog to enhance policy harmonization in the region. The report compares the existing laws etc. to reveal opportunities and issues for the member nations and partners to consider as they seek ways to work together more effectively. In that regard, the report is intended for distribution and review prior to a workshop with the MRU and partners in the fall of 2010. That workshop will focus on understanding of current policies, issues, and opportunities and will be designed to promote increased innovation, coordination and effectiveness relative to conservation activities within the MRU. In particular, it is hoped that the workshop, using this preliminary report will focus discussion on:
• The priority for legislative work to formally expand protected area status within individual countries utilizing existing authorities within each subject country for protected area establishment. Where such trans-boundary protected areas are desired, this discussion would also included the need for (and form of) agreements to allow harmonious management of such trans-boundary protected areas within agreed geographic areas.
• The need for any specific new legislation within individual countries to allow for harmonious management of trans-boundary areas, particularly as relates to wildlife management (hunting regulations), grazing management (with a focus on grazing practices which may cross boundaries), and the need for legislation, agreements, or treaties relative to the regulation of tree harvest and transport of timber within protected areas and across international boundaries in or near trans-boundary priority protected areas.
• Within individual countries, the need for legislative modification or the development of over-sight processes to insure consistency of protected area management within a given country to insure that overlap of jurisdictions among agencies or ambiguities in law do not lead to permitting or development within protected areas that are inconsistent with the original management intent of such areas.
This project has a particular emphasis in looking the potential for more effective coordinated management of protected areas in the following priority areas: - Mount Nimba (Guinea, Côte d'Ivoire, and Liberia); - Sapo-Tai-Grebo (Côte d'Ivoire, Liberia); - Madina Oula Reserve - Outamba Kilimi National Park (Guinea, Sierra Leone); - Gola- Foya-Lofa Forest Areas (Sierra Leone, Liberia).

Seydou Sidibe, Steve Brady
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