Program in Environmental Governance in Guinea for Capacity Building and Biodiversity Conservation (PEGG)

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In order to respond to the vast biodiversity conservation  and natural resources management (NRM) challenges confronting Guinea, USAID/Guinea  conceived a program to capitalize on the country’s human resources, its current embrace of democracy, success stories from previous programs, the network of partners dedicated to impact-oriented environmental management, and a strategy based on legal frameworks, sustainable financing mechanisms, and capacity building initiatives, which empowers the Ministry of Environment (MOE) and communities of biologically significant areas. This Program in Environmental Governance in Guinea (PEGG) for Capacity Building and Biodiversity Conservation is committed to helping Guinea maintain its biologically diverse habitats and environmental services, while supporting democracy and governance, sustainable development, and economic growth.

Guinea’s biodiversity conservation depends on functional democratic governance and political will. Environmental governance creates sustainable development opportunities, which strengthen the capacities of communities and government personnel to manage natural resources with much needed support from partners. Therefore, the Government of Guinea (GOG), USAID, United States Forest Service (USFS), and a network of stakeholders working in partnership are producing a net positive gain for biodiversity conservation, natural resources management, and the population's quality of life by implementing and reinforcing laws, regulations, codes, policies, procedures, and Better Management Practices. Working in the capital, interior cities, and in key biodiversity areas, with Ministers and rural leaders, an arsenal of pragmatic and complimentary activities will form synergies for improved environmental governance founded on respect of the rule of law and Better Management Practices through their effective implementation.

To support this development objective, PEGG ]addresses two specific development objectives.  The first will focus on improving governance so as to enable the MOE and other ministries to implement and reinforce the forestry, fauna and environment laws, policies, procedures and Better Management Practices.  Additionally, this improved governance will enable the MOE and other ministries to develop functional offices of environmental impact assessment and environmental observation and information, which work in alliance with the inter-connected environmental divisions and other ministry affiliates to manage challenges linked with climate change, extractive industries, slash & burn agriculture and deforestation. The second specific development objective aims to ensure that the Minister of Environment and administration promote accountability throughout the national directions and technical offices by building capacity, evaluating indicators that measure the Ministry’s human resource efficiency and progress, and raising professional standards to ensure that natural resources and the environment are effectively managed.

PEGG Partners

GALF - Guinée Application de la Loi Faunique

GALF website

PALF - Project for the Application of Law for Fauna Republic of Congo

PALF website

STEWARD - Sustainable and Thriving Environments for West African Regional Development Program

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    Avec le développement de fraudes de pêches dans les zones marines africaines, 1) Est-ce que les pays comme la Guinée ont réellement les moyens de contrôle?
    2)Comment est assurée la gestion des AMP? Les communautés de pêcheurs y sont-elles impliquées?
    3) Les AMP peuvent être des sites humides, admises à la convention RAMSAR?
    4) Quels liens écologiques entre AMPs et la Mangrove? entre AMP et le littoral?
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    Je voudrais feliciter et remercie Mme. Kadiatou BARRY, le Point Focale du FORUM pour "Agroforestry Resources Unlimited" (ARU) pour la qualite des presentateurs au FORUM depuis qu'elle a pris sa poste il y a deux mois. GRANDES REMERCIEMENTS A VOUS MME BARRY.
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    Ce site m'informe et m’édifie dans le cadre de l'elaboration des cartes liées aux changement climatique
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    J'aime ce site car ça m'informe et instruit egalement exploitons le

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