Sierra Leone's MEA Implementation: the key issues, challenges and prospects

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 As Principle 12 of the Rio Declaration states, international agreements are clearly preferable to unilateral action in tackling transboundary or global environmental problems. Well over 200 Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) now exist, with memberships varying from a relatively small group to over 180 countries around the world. The importance of international cooperation across a diversity of topics is increasingly recognized. An ever more interconnected world demands multilateral approaches to trade, security, migration, and a host of other issues.

MEAs offer a framework for collectively addressing environmental problems on the basis of policy consensus and science. In addition, as environmental challenges become more and more complex, MEAs increasingly provide a comprehensive approach to effectively and equitably deal with those challenges. Thus, most MEAs include a broad range of provisions that take into account issues such as: the lack and inadequacy of data and other information; the need for broad stakeholder participation; the different levels at which countries have contributed to the problem and can contribute to the solution; and the need for incentives to take action.

This presentation discusses Sierra Leone’s MEA implementation, the key issues, challenges and prospects.

Abu-Bakar S. Massaquoi
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