Private Sector Partnerships for Conservation

On 6 May 2010, ABCG held a meeting on Private Sector Partnerships for Conservation, chaired by George Strunden, VP of Africa Programs, of the Jane Goodall Institute, and hosted by World Wildlife Fund-US. The objectives of the meeting were:
  • To share lessons learned from partnerships with private sector companies
  • To identify necessary elements for positive partnership with strong conservation outcomes
  • To learn about the various roles that should be played by industry, community, government and conservation stakeholders

Minutes of the meeting may be found here (click for link)

Please see "Tools and Resources" for key documents, including several written for ABCG, supported by USAID's Biodiversity Analysis and Technical Support:

Presentations included: 

Industry and the Biodiversity Analysis and Technical Support (BATS) project (click for presentation)
Tim Resch, U.S. Agency for International Development

Are Partnerships the Key to Conserving Africa’s Biodiversity?
(click for presentation)
Rowena Smuts, Conservation International

Conservation is Good Business: Tools to engage the Private Sector in conservation (click for presentation)
Moses Kanene, African Wildlife Foundation

Private-sector partnerships for conservation: the example of logging concessions in Central Africa (click for presentation)
John Poulsen, Woods Hole Research Center

Key questions addressed during discussion included:
  • How can we scale up collaboration with private sector actors?
  • How is effective collaboration with extractive industry challenged when working with non-traditional partners, such as those that are state-controlled (or influenced) enterprise?
  • How can we help to build the capacity of conservationists on the ground to work more effectively with the private sector?
Click here for the list of meeting participants

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