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As technology continues to offer innovative solutions to development challenges, a variety of unique approached begin to emerge. This community seeks tools, best practices and lessons learned around the growing field of Information Communication Technology for development (ICT or ICT4D), specifically in the Natural Resource Management sector. This is a new community, so please feel free to contribute any materials or websites you thing may be helpful for others.

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  • Privé écrit "The goal of the Fishing with 3G Nets effort is to promote economic development of the local fishing community using digital technology. "
  • Privé écrit "Rural communities in ACP countries are using ICTs to preserve and restore forest resources. Farmers use cell phones, radio and the web to find new markets for non-timber products, such as seeds, nuts and fruit. The extra income gives added incentive to protect the trees in their area, and to invest in the expansion of local forest resources. Geographic information systems (GIS) are proving especially useful for enabling small-scale producers to participate in international carbon trading schemes."

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