Community-based Natural Resource Management in Southeast Asia


The goal of the recent stocktaking exercise in the Philippines and also one from last year in Indonesia was to identify enabling conditions, impacts, best practices and lessons linked to successful community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) and forest management in different locations across the two countries. The intention was to isolate the factors that have led to success across a broad array of ecological and socio-cultural conditions. Our vision is that these finding will help to inform a broad-based discussion of ways in which the policy framework and the implementation mechanisms for forest management in Indonesia, and natural resource management in the Philippines can be improved. A broader, overarching goal is that these studies and discussions will help to identify universal or global principles for development and implementation of successful CBNRM.

The findings from Indonesia suggest that there are several - perhaps many - examples of community-based forest management that are not only ecologically  sustainable but which also contribute significantly to people's economic and social well-being. The findings and report for the Philippines will be released shortly.

The purpose of this Community of Practice is to  discuss these findings with a broader audience of people that can  influence the way in which policy makers, local authorities and  implementing agencies perceive the value of forest and forest lands and other natural resources in  the development of southeast Asia. Ultimately, we hope that the positive contributions that CBNRM can make to national development programs and policies (poverty alleviation, economic growth, climate change adaptation and mitigation) will be recognized and that CBNRM will be mainstreamed into these policies and programs.


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    by Private on Apr 19, 2012
    The lack of details or even a summary of the two project findings makes wonder , how one will benefit or contribute to the discussion.

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