Rural Water Resources in Tanzania


Maji ni Uhai!

Sikonge Hand dug Well


Safe water is a basic human necessity which is in scarce supply in many parts of Tanzania. The Tanzanian Government reports that only half of the nation’s rural population has access to a water supply. And despite excellent efforts by a variety of institutions, over 30% of rural water schemes are nonoperational due to poor maintenance.

This site was designed to serve as a forum for individuals working to provide safe water to rural populations in Tanzania, as well as others interested in the discussion. Topics to be considered include: ways to ensure project sustainability and community buy-in; water quality testing; and tools for improving information-sharing about past water resource projects. Members are welcome to initiate discussions on other topics as well.

Please register today for updates to this community and participate to inform efforts to give rural Tanzanians improved access to clean, safe water.

Photo Credit: Beverly A. Young  

(To request that entries be translated to/from English and Kiswahili, please contact: Rob Sassor)

Maji ni Uhai! Water is life.

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