Mr. Opyene Vincent- MENTOR Fellow from Uganda


Mr. Opyene Vincent

Opyene Vincent was one of eight USFWS MENTOR Fellows in 2008-2009 from Kenya, Southern Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda working to address the illegal bushmeat exploitation in the Eastern Africa region. 

As a MENTOR Fellow from Uganda, Vincent completed his bushmeat field assessment on governance and legal regime of the illegal bushmeat trade in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. He developed a manual for wildlife law enforcers including prosecutors, magristrates, and polices to show the value of wildlife in order to assist with successful prosecution of bushmeat poachers. This manual was a collaboration with colleagues in Maasai Mara-Kenya (Mr. Evanson Kariuki), Serengeti-Tanzania (Ms. Lowaeli Damalu and Mr. Andimile Martin), and Murchison Falls-Uganda (Mr. Okello Genesis). 

Opyene Vincent has worked as a Senior Warden Prosecution with Uganda Wildlife Authority. 


Bushmeat Field Assessment: 

An Assessment of the Legal Regime and Institutional Governance of Illegal Bushmeat Utilization in Uganda & Tanzania.

Goals of the field assessment:

  • To evaluate the implementation and enforcement of wildlife laws in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya by police, court, wildlife authorities and the impacts on illegal wildlife utilization.

To learn more about the objectives, findings, and recommendations of Vincent's field assessment, please view the following documents:

            Bushmeat Field Assessment Fact Sheet on governance and legal regime of illegal bushmeat in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.

            Bushmeat Field Assessment Presentation on the legal regime and institutional governance of illegal bushmeat use in Uganda & Tanzania


Pilot Project:

More information to come on Vincent's work on the manual for wildlife law enforcers in Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya.


Visit the Bushmeat-free East African Network (BEAN) website to learn more about the new network developed and managed by the USFWS MENTOR Fellows.


For more information on Vincent's work, please contact:

Mr. Vincent Opyene

Uganda Wildlife Authority

plot 7 Kira Road Kamwokya 

P.O.  Box 3530

Kampala, UGANDA

Office Telephone: +256 -041-4355000.  Cell: +256- 0772591289 / +255780252001



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