Training for African Protected Area and Wildlife Personnel



To examine current trends in training for African protected area and wildlife personnel, ABCG hosted a May 2001 meeting held at CI by representatives from the three major regional wildlife colleges in Africa:

¨      College of African Wildlife Management, Mweka, Tanzania - Mr. Deo Gamassa, Principal

¨      L’école pour la Formation des Spécialistes de la Faune de Garoua in Cameroon – Mr. Ibrahim Njoya, Principal

¨      Southern African Wildlife College in South Africa – Ms. Dorothy Oyier, Short Course Manager

The college representatives presented about the current status of their training activities, and discussions focused on new initiatives and challenges facing these wildlife colleges including:

a) Obtaining sustainable funding; b) developing income-generation activities; c) developing long-term linkages with partner institutions and universities in Africa and abroad; d) responding to the changing needs of wildlife and protected area professionals; e) meeting client demands; and f) developing new short courses to address immediate in-service training needs.

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