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1 Building Resilience for Wildlife and Livelihoods in Northern Kenya  Document
Craig's presentation reports on the acceptance of and the potential for holistic planned grazing in five community-based wildlife conservancies in Northern Kenya, including: How this helps preserve critical wildlife habitat; influence carbon...
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2 The Myth and Reality of Ecosystem Services in Seasonal Tropical Forests: Lessons from the Agua Salud Project  Document
Jefferson and his colleagues have been investigating the ecosystems services provided by tropical forests within the Panama Canal watershed and how they change with land use and climate change. His research involving developing hydrological models...
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3 Global Health and Biodiversity  Topic
Bridging the gap between global health and biodiversity involves enhancing the relationship between healthy ecosystems and healthy communities including mitigating risk and impact of emerging diseases especially HIV/AIDS. This involves reducing the...
4 Links between Climate change, Biodiversity and Poverty  Document
Hannah Reid, Ph.D., Senior Researcher with the International Institute for Environment and Development, gave an overview presentation on the important two-way linkages between climate change, human society and biological resources, with direct and...
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5 Increasing Agricultural Production, Conserving Natural Capital, and Strengthening Farmer Livelihoods: A Discussion of Landscape Management Options for Sub-Saharan Africa  Document
Draft Publication
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6 Assessing Mangrove Carbon Pools in the Zambezi Delta, Mozambique: A Pilot Baseline Assessment for REDD+ Reporting and Monitoring  Document
Carl Trettin, Ph.D. discussed the establishment of a pilot Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) mangrove project, as part of USAID/Mozambique's Climate Change Program. Mozambique has been identified as a country that is...
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7 WIO-­‐ Mangroves and Carbon Assessment Regional Workshop  Document
A report of the meeting on the Eastern Africa Mangroves and Carbon Assessment Workshop in Maputo, Mozambique, held from 29th–31st October 2012, with the following objectives: "Discuss commonalities and differences in findings from mangrove...
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8 Mining & Biodiversity in DRC--A Strategic and Technical Workshop  Document
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) working in collaboration with other partners from the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG) held a strategic and technical workshop designed to review and build responses to these and other threats to...
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