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1 Public Health, Bushmeat & Conservation: The Delicate Balance of Biodiversity and Human Health  Document
Dr. Golden is lead author of a 2011 paper published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science titled, "Benefits of wildlife consumption to child nutrition in a biodiversity hotspot". Dr. Golden discussed his work on the links...
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2 Mitigating the Impact of the Illegal Bushmeat Trade: Awareness and Alternative Proteins in Katavi-Rukwa Ecosystem of Western Tanzania  Document
Mr. Andimile discussed an alternative protein and awareness intervention initiative in the Katavi-Rukwa Ecosystem. The project aims to vaccinate chicken against Newcastle disease, which causes reliance on bushmeat as a source of nutrition. By...
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3 Increasing Agricultural Production, Conserving Natural Capital, and Strengthening Farmer Livelihoods: A Discussion of Landscape Management Options for Sub-Saharan Africa  Document
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