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1 5April2012 Shivani_Bhalla Ewaso Lions  Document
Wildlife biologist Shivani Bhalla, a Kenyan national, provided an overview on the Ewaso Lions Project she founded in northern Kenya. Ewaso Lions seeks to reduce the conflict between lions and humans and, thus, arrest the rapid decline of lion...
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2 Developing adaptation strategies to deal with climate impacts in Western Tanzania  Document
Elizabeth Gray, Ph.D., Global Climate Change Fellow with The Nature Conservancy's Africa Region, discussed the results of a USAID- and LifeWeb-funded climate change vulnerability assessment in western Tanzania, how it will affect ecosystems of...
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3 Developing adaptation strategies to deal with climate impacts in Western Tanzania--Audio  Video
Audio recording of Dr. Elizabeth Gray's presentation titled: Empowering Communities to Adapt to Climate Change in Western Tanzania. Follow this link for the slides and description.
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4 Public Health, Bushmeat & Conservation: The Delicate Balance of Biodiversity and Human Health  Document
Dr. Golden is lead author of a 2011 paper published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science titled, "Benefits of wildlife consumption to child nutrition in a biodiversity hotspot". Dr. Golden discussed his work on the links...
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5 Climate Change in Western Tanzania: Helping People and Nature Adapt to Climate Change  Document
A report brief on climate change adaptation strategies identified through a participatory process convened by The Nature Conservancy involving the Jane Goodall Institute, the Frankfurt Zoological Society, the Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA), and...
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6 Building Resilience in Western Tanzania: Helping human and natural communities adapt to climate change and improve their health  Document
Western Tanzania has a population, health and environment project that proves to be a valuable lesson in holistic climate change (CC) adaptation action. Kristen Patterson of The Nature Conservancy stressed the importance of undergirding EBA/CBA...
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7 An Innovative Approach for Community Based Natural Resources Management in the Kafue Ecosystem in Western Zambia  Document
The Kafue Ecosystem in western Zambia is a 16.7 million acre complex of intact woodland and seasonally flooded grasslands that derives its name from the Kafue River. It faces increasing threats from misguided human activity. Government resources for...
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