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1 The Role of Geospatial Technologies in Supporting Great Apes CAP in Eastern DRC  Document
As vice president of conservation science at the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI), Dr. Lilian Pintea directs the scientific department at the Institute and conducts applied conservation research. In order to analyze the spatial relationships between...
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2 From the Ground to the Cloud and Back: Innovative Mobile, Cloud and Web-Mapping Technologies for Chimpanzee Conservation  Document
Dr. Pintea highlighted emerging technologies that promise to revolutionize the ways we collaborate to map and monitor habitats and threats, from the village to Africa scale. This included community based forest and wildlife monitoring using the Open...
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3 Implementation of Land Policy for Improved Ecosystem Management and Land Tenure in East Africa  Document
While many East African governments have put in place policies to devolve governance and management of natural resources to rural communities, the capacity to implement and facilitate these processes are often lacking or inadequate.  Tanzania’s...
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