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1 Climate Change Adaptation  Topic
"Adaptation is a journey and not a destination." ABCG and Climate Change AdaptationThe progress achieved over many decades of conservation efforts in Africa is increasingly threatened by climatic change. According to the...
2 Developing adaptation strategies to deal with climate impacts in Western Tanzania  Document
Elizabeth Gray, Ph.D., Global Climate Change Fellow with The Nature Conservancy's Africa Region, discussed the results of a USAID- and LifeWeb-funded climate change vulnerability assessment in western Tanzania, how it will affect ecosystems of...
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3 Developing adaptation strategies to deal with climate impacts in Western Tanzania--Audio  Video
Audio recording of Dr. Elizabeth Gray's presentation titled: Empowering Communities to Adapt to Climate Change in Western Tanzania. Follow this link for the slides and description.
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4 Climate Vulnerability and Capacity Assessment (CVCA) & CRiSTAL Climate Change Adaptation Tools  Document
Presented by Pascal Girot, Senior Climate Change Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean for CARE International's--Poverty, Environment and Climate Change Network (PECCN).Mr. Girot discussed two key vulnerability assessment tools for climate...
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5 Holistic Approaches to Adaptation: The Role of Population Dynamics  Document
Human population dynamics, including densities, distribution, livelihoods, migrations, and health/mortality, all have implications and linkages to climate change. This presentation by Roger-Mark De Souza, Population Action International, brings to...
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6 Community-Based Adaptation to Climate Change  Document
Charles Nyandiga, UNDP-GEF’s community based adaptation (CBA) coordinator, gave an overview of UNDP’s CBA program, and specifically highlighted subsistence farming communities in Namibia. The presentation looked at climate change risk factors and...
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7 CARE's Work on Adaptation  Document
Pascal Girot, CARE PECCN's Senior Climate Change Advisor for Latin America and the Caribbean, presented an overview of CARE's climate change adaptation efforts. Care's commitment to climate change adaptation work stems form an understanding that...
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8 A Review of Monitoring and Evaluation Approaches for Ecosystem-Based Adaptation  Document
This paper, authored by consultant Meg Spearman and Radhika Dave of Conservation International, explores how various organizations and practitioners have approached the design and use of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tools to record results and...
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9 Assessing Mangrove Carbon Pools in the Zambezi Delta, Mozambique: A Pilot Baseline Assessment for REDD+ Reporting and Monitoring  Document
Carl Trettin, Ph.D. discussed the establishment of a pilot Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) mangrove project, as part of USAID/Mozambique's Climate Change Program. Mozambique has been identified as a country that is...
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10 WIO-­‐ Mangroves and Carbon Assessment Regional Workshop  Document
A report of the meeting on the Eastern Africa Mangroves and Carbon Assessment Workshop in Maputo, Mozambique, held from 29th–31st October 2012, with the following objectives: "Discuss commonalities and differences in findings from mangrove...
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