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1 Natural Regeneration in Niger  Topic
A 2006 FRAME-supported study of three regions in Niger shows that 3 million hectares of eroded, unproductive land has been reclaimed since the mid 1980s by farmers and projects using soil and water conservation and other natural resource...
2 Study Report Niger: Etude de la régénération naturelle assistée dans la région de Zinder (Niger): Une première exploration d’un phénomène spectaculaire  Document
This report presents the results of a study aimed at exploring the scale of Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration (FMNR) in Niger. The study assessed the impact of FMNR efforts on local livelihoods, and aimed to assess what motivates farmers to...
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3 PPT Presentation: Transformational Development In Niger  Document
This powerpoint traces transformational development over 30 years in Niger. Farmer managed natural regeneration is taking place in 4 regions over an area of over 3 million hectares decades after donor programs initiated innovations in natural...
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4 FRAMEgram September October 2006: Desertification  Document
This is an archived FRAMEgram related to the discussion on regeneration in Niger.
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5 Synthèse des discussions en ligne sur l'impact des investissements de GRN au Niger. (Forum FRAME septembre - octobre 2005)  Document
Résumé de la discussion de la communauté sur le Niger en septembre-octobre 2005. Durant les mois précédant le forum, la plupart des nouvelles provenant du Niger et du Sahel étaient focalisées sur ce qui a été appelé alternativement...
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6 Niger Pilot Study  Document
This pilot study in Niger uses the "Nature, Wealth and Power" framework to assess the environmental, livelihoods and governance impacts of natural resources management investments in Niger.
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7 NPR story on Climate Connections: Niger's Trees May Be Insurance Against Drought  Online Resource
Story by Richard Harris, published and broadcast on the radio and www.npr.org on July 2, 2007. Scientists studying vegetation patterns in the broad arid region just south of the Sahara desert have discovered that trees are growing like...
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8 A Primer on Climate Change Adaptation   Document
Inhabitants of drylands have learned to cope with unreliable rainfall and the threat of recurrent drought through practices including surplus accumulation, shifting cultivation, and pastoral mobility. However, amid widespread poverty and increased...
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9 Why does Africa seem to be more affected by drought than other regions?   Question
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10 Case Study on regreening movement in Niger  Document
The World Resources Report 2008: Roots of Resilience - Growing the Wealth of the Poor highlights Niger's farmer managed natural regeneration (FMNR). In an in-depth 16-page case study, the report examines how farmers have transformed Niger's...
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