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1 Reports from the Field  Topic
ABCG is lucky to have representatives of member, partner and associated organizations share their field work and experiences across sectors in the African landscape: June 24, 2014—What have the forest elephants ever done for us? Dr. Maisels...
2 Great Apes and Elephants in Equatorial Guinea  Document
Until recently, very little was known about the status of wildlife in Equatorial Guinea (EG), although it was clear that changes brought about by the oil boom, such as increased commercial bushmeat hunting and rapid infrastructure development, would...
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3 Financial Disclosure and the Canadian Mineral Sector: Lagging Behind or Catching Up?  Document
Peter G. Veit and Catherine Easton of the World Resources Institute report on an in-depth study on an industry not known for its transparency and environmental soundness. Their policy brief published here features Canada’s extractive industry, the...
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4 Heart of Iron - Mining in the Congo Basin Rainforest and Conservation in Africa  Document
Digging In: New Opportunities for Mining and Conservation in Africa Background For several years, the World Bank and World Wildlife Fund have worked together to collaborate on-the-ground in several Africa countries, notably in the Congo Basin. One...
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5 Overlapping Land & Resource Rights in Africa  Document
In Africa, most land and many natural resources are the property of the state and/or vested in the government for the people. Governments have established separate, distinct rights regimes for land and many resources (e.g., oil, natural gas, minerals...
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6 Some Considerations on Tradeoffs between Biodiversity Conservation and Mining Exploitation Laws in the Democratic Republic of Congo  Document
The Conservation International (CI) program in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) submitted the attached policy brief as a component of ABCG efforts to assess the best way to engage the mining sector in DRC and to ensure that biodiversity and...
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7 Mining & Biodiversity in DRC--A Strategic and Technical Workshop  Document
The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) working in collaboration with other partners from the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG) held a strategic and technical workshop designed to review and build responses to these and other threats to...
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