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1 5April2012 Shivani_Bhalla Ewaso Lions  Document
Wildlife biologist Shivani Bhalla, a Kenyan national, provided an overview on the Ewaso Lions Project she founded in northern Kenya. Ewaso Lions seeks to reduce the conflict between lions and humans and, thus, arrest the rapid decline of lion...
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2 March2011 Ewaso_Lions Field Report  Document
Ewaso Lions is a grassroots project in northern Kenya whose mission is to promote the conservation of lions through applied research and community-based outreach programmes.
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3 Sustainable pastoralism: opportunities for nature conservation, rural and international development, and conflict resolution  Document
Pastoralism is the most extended livelihoods in marginal lands, comprising Drylands, mountains and the world's cold areas. The relationship between healthy soils, biodiversity conservation and sustainable...
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4 Empowering Communities to Conserve the Mali Elephants in Times of War and Peace  Document
Africa's northern-most elephant herd of 500-plus elephants migrates 600 kilometers or so from Mali to Burkina Faso and back each year. Drought, land degradation, and increasing human pressure endanger this last herd of the Sahel. The WILD...
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