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1 The ICT4D 2.0 Manifesto: Where Next for ICTs and International Development?  Document
ICT4D – the application of information and communication technologies for international development – is moving to a new phase.  This will require new technologies, new approaches to innovation and implementation, new intellectual...
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2 Do you know of examples of how ICT tools are being used in the water sector?  Question
Smart Meters and ICT web tools are examples of ICT for Water that are much likely to benefit both utilities and final consumers as well as to contribute to better use of scarce water resources. In particular, they will empower end users with real...
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3 What does ICT for Water mean to you?  Question
ICT4D has been around for some time now and has been a pillar for sectors such as education, agriculture, microfinance, and health. Recently, it has become a buzz in the water sector and its definitions, objectives, and methodologies are...
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4 oAfrica: Tracking Internet Progress  Online Resource
At its simplest, oAfrica is a showcase of the dynamic African digital landscape. Although every African citizen may not have Internet access for over a decade, African digital opportunities are rapidly expanding. oAfrica wants to spread the...
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5 FLOW: The World Bank and Water Point Mapping in Liberia  Online Resource
Following Liberia’s 14-year civil war, infrastructure and service provision was virtually non-existent. The water sector’s initial response to the emerging humanitarian crisis, providing potable water for the short term, was effective as a triage...
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6 5 Noteworthy ICT Watershed Management Projects  Online Resource
There’s been considerable debate lately about possible uses of information and communications technology for watershed management. Access to monitoring programs assists governments adequately manage and distribute water. Watershed management is...
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7 Can ICT Improve Clean Water Delivery Systems in Slums? Lessons from Kibera  Online Resource
Water is scarce, costly, and contaminated in Kibera, Nairobi -- one of Africa's largest urban slums. On good days, the women and children spend just under an hour finding clean water in their community. On bad days, the price of water increases...
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8 ICT as an Enabler for Smart Water Management  Document
Smart water management has become a key policy issue for the 21st century, as a growing number of factors are impacting the delivery of already scarce fresh water to millions of people. Economic growth, seasonal climatic conditions and rising...
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9 Mobile/Water for Development, Oxford Water Futures Programme  Online Resource
mw4d is a research initiative within the Oxford Water Futures Programme at the University of Oxford. mw4d seeks to apply mobile communications technologies within the water sector, with the aim of improving water security and reducing poverty in the...
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10 Key Global Telecom Indicators for the World Telecommunication Service Sector  Online Resource
The latest data about  ICT indicators for developed and developing countries and the world (totals and penetration rates) from the International Telecommunication Union.  Interesting fact:  6 billion mobile phones globally, of which 4.5 billion in...
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