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1 Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development Working Paper Series  Online Resource
Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development (MMSD) was an independent two-year process of consultation and research with the objective of understanding how to maximise the contribution of the mining and minerals sector to sustainable development at...
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2 Conflict Diamonds (Africa Region Working Paper No. 13)  Document
ABSTRACT: This paper by Louis Goreux (published in March 2001), aims to contribute to a better understanding of the role diamonds play in financing civil wars with a view to enhancing the ability of international organizations to help prevent...
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3 Hard Currency: The Criminalized Diamond Economy of the DRC and its Neighbors  Document
BACKGROUND: Central Africa’s main diamond exporters — Angola, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), the Central African Republic (CAR), and the Republic of the Congo— are among the least developed countries in the world. Diamonds are one of the...
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4 Kimberley Process: Essential Elements of an International Scheme of Certification for Rough Diamonds  Document
This is the final document produced by the Kimberley Process identifying the essential elements of an international scheme of certification for rough diamonds, with a view to breaking the link between armed conflict and trade in rough diamonds....
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5 Mining for Sustainable Development and Job Creation  Online Resource
This document has been developed by trade unions which came together to discuss our contribution to the Mining Summit. Three of the unions already constitute a Mining Labour Caucus that represent the organised workers in tripartite institutions...
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6 IFC Extractive Industries Website  Online Resource
The World Bank Group (WBG) announced in 2000 that it would conduct a comprehensive review of its activities in the extractive industries sector – the Extractive Industries Review (EIR) – in response to concerns expressed by a variety of stakeholders,...
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7 Communities and Small Scale Mining (CASM): A global partnership for action  Online Resource
Everyday items employ minerals from artisanal mining, especially in technological devices. Coltan from the Democratic Republic of Congo for use in cell phones, pacemakers, and video cameras and lithium for batteries from...
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8 Gender dimensions of Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining – Rapid Assessment toolkit   Document
This publication was designed as an easyto-use toolkit for identifying the gender dimensions of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM). Comprehending this dimension of ASM means understanding how men and women are differentially involved in and...
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9 CommDev: The Oil, Gas, and Mining Sustainable Community Development Fund  Online Resource
The Oil, Gas and Mining Sustainable Community Development Fund (CommDev) is a funding mechanism for practical capacity building, training, technical assistance, implementation support, awareness-raising, and tool development.Operating flexibly and...
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10 Costs of Mining Webinar (video)  Online Resource
February 29, 2012. This webinar that investigates the relationships and distinctions between artisanal and commercial mining and the impacts of SEC policies on the sector and the livelihoods of local people, particularly in the Democratic Republic...
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