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1 Mining, Minerals and Sustainable Development - North America  Online Resource
In 1999, nine Chief Executive Officers of some of the world's largest mining companies came together in Davos, Switzerland. Driven by a concern that a disconnect had emerged between mining/minerals-related practices and the values of today's society,...
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2 Communities and Small Scale Mining (CASM): A global partnership for action  Online Resource
Everyday items employ minerals from artisanal mining, especially in technological devices. Coltan from the Democratic Republic of Congo for use in cell phones, pacemakers, and video cameras and lithium for batteries from...
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3 Costs of Mining Webinar (video)  Online Resource
February 29, 2012. This webinar that investigates the relationships and distinctions between artisanal and commercial mining and the impacts of SEC policies on the sector and the livelihoods of local people, particularly in the Democratic Republic...
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4 Could developing countries eventually be in a position to not allow companies into their country if they do not agree to CSR standards, equator process, IFC or other safeguard policies?  Question
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