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1 Reports from the Field  Topic
ABCG is lucky to have representatives of member, partner and associated organizations share their field work and experiences across sectors in the African landscape: June 24, 2014—What have the forest elephants ever done for us? Dr. Maisels...
2 Great Apes and Elephants in Equatorial Guinea  Document
Until recently, very little was known about the status of wildlife in Equatorial Guinea (EG), although it was clear that changes brought about by the oil boom, such as increased commercial bushmeat hunting and rapid infrastructure development, would...
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3 The ABCG Climate Change Adaptation Working Group Overview  Document
James Watson, the Director of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation at the Wildlife Conservation Society, presented an overview of the adaptation work undertaken my members of the ABCG working group charged with the task: Addressing Global Climate...
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4 Vegetation monitoring database  Document
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5 Integrated General Land Planning Meeting, Western Tanzania  Document
TNC, JGI, and Frankfurt Zoological Society jointly organized and held a two-day stakeholders’ workshop September 28–29, 2012. Participants included 35 District technical and high-level executive staff, as well as Council chairpersons from Kigoma and...
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6 Energizing Conservation Efforts  Document
The efforts of conservation organizations are crucial in preserving fragile environments and animal species in Africa. Increasingly these environments are coming under pressure from rising populations and human activity and conservation programs must...
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