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1 Prelimary Assessment to Community-Based Forest Management in the Philippines  Presentation
The study is part of a larger research project that aims to identify and characterize the reported strengths and constraints of community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) approaches in three natural resource areas: irrigation, forestry, and...
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2 Galing Pook Solutions Database: Innovation and Excellence in Local Governance in the Philippines  Online Resource
Galing Pook Solutions is a database of over 235 Galing Pook winners and trailblazers in diverse development areas. Information on the local government units, their geographic locations, contact information and fuller narrative on their programs are...
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3 Multi-sector Development Programs with CBNRM Linkages  Presentation
Session Objectives: Share examples of multi-sector development programs that will initiate a dialog on linkages to CBNRM practices and principles Explore how CBNRM models can be used do advance development objectives in sectors such as economic...
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4 Key Issues in Designing, Implementing and Evaluating CBNRM programs with Multiple Development Impacts  Presentation
Session Objective: Explore challenges and opportunities for CBNRM to have development impacts in climate change, governance, economic development, and other areas outside of NRM. Climate Change: Long-term Planning Horizon - Tegan Blaine, USAID...
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5 Community rights to forests: Evidence and best practices  Presentation
This is David Kaimowitz's presentation during the session on "Moving Forward with Critical Issues in CBNRM: Rights & Resources," discussing current issues in CBNRM and how to address these issues in the next 1-3 years. Best Practices...
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6 A Diagnostic Tool for Investing in Better Governance at the Landscape Scale  Presentation
This is David Wilkie's presentation during the session on "Key Issues in Designing, Implementing and Evaluating CBNRM programs with Multiple Development Impacts," exploring challenges and opportunities for CBNRM to have development impacts...
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7 An Economic View on Wildlife Management Areas in Botswana  Document
The development and implementation of the CBNRM approach in Botswana has so far largely focussed on social aspects (empowerment of communities) and environmental aspects (land use and management planning and wildlife conservation). An economic...
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8 Global Assessment of CBNRM: Addressing the Critical Challenges of the Rural Sector  Document
EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Rural development issues are critical not only for the rural areas themselves but also for addressing pressing global concerns of food security (FS), climate change, biodiversity conservation, poverty reduction, provision of...
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