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1 Modeling and Managing Watersheds  Topic
This community of practice brings together watershed and natural resource managers to share experiences from across African national and transnational river basins.  Community members are encouraged to share information about novel approaches for...
2 Are current models robust enough? Are the parameters used in hydrologic models in Central Africa fairly representative? Should work be done across large watersheds or sub- watersheds?  Question
As the saying goes "Water is life."I think the sustainable management of water is a critical imperative. Indeed, there is a very strong interrelationship between the natural resources: forests, soils and water availability. It is obvious...
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3 Proceedings from the Watershed Management and Modeling Meeting  Document
The proceedings summarize the major discussions held in Kigali from September 13-14, 2011 at the workshop on "Managing and Modeling Watersheds". All of the presentations and reports from the meeting can be found...
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