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1 Food Security and Wild Food  Topic
Based on a Webinar to be held on June 29th, this community will continue the discussion focused on the crossroads of bushmeat, natural products and the impact on value chains and food security. Please join our presenters: Diane Russell...
2 How do you deal with the unpredictability of wild foods?  Question
Unpredictable in the sense that they are usually found in small quantity, dispersed across a landscape and are not conventionally owned.
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3 Win-Win: Maintaining Agricultural Yields While Increasing Biodiversity with Wildlife Friendly Farming  Online Resource
An article Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) demonstrating that maintaining local biodiversity does not necessarily decrease agricultural yields
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4 WCS "Public Health Impacts of Ecological Degradation" (annotated bibliography)  Document
The Wildlife Conservation Society organized a December, 2009 forum to explore the question, “Can health be economically quantified as an ecosystem service, correlated with ecosystem intactness and if so, under what circumstances?” To provide for a...
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5 Wild Food and Food Security Webinar Video  Online Resource
This webinar was held June 29, 2011. Diane Russell and Natalie Bailey presented on topics included wild food, food security and bushmeat. The video is one hour. FRAMEwebinar: Food Security and Wild Foods from FRAMEweb.
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6 Forests, biodiversity and food security  Online Resource
This link provides access to an editorial by CIFOR staff on forests, bioidiversity and food security. It is part of a series of articles in a special issue of the journal, International Forestry Review (vol. 13, no. 3, 2011) dedicated to this broad...
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7 FSN Network Knowledge Sharing Meeting in Washington, DC  Online Resource
FSN Network Knowledge Sharing Meeting in Washington, DC The FSN Network Knowledge Sharing Meeting in Washington, DC will take place November 13-15, 2012. The meeting will bring together grantees, donors, and researchers for peer learning,...
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