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1 Natural Products  Topic
More than 300 million people worldwide collect and trade natural products - an important component of the incomes and benefits for poor rural households in developing countries. Yet, evidence from around the world suggests more can be done to...
2 Why have Geographical Indicators not been utilized? Is it a question of lack of awareness or capacity?  Question
It seems that these tools have not been widely employed by rural communities - although GIs have been quite widely used within Europe. However, it seems to me that GIs could be a very valuable tool in developing countries - for example, GIs in...
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3 I wonder if scenarios like these - where there are clear conservation and livelihood benefits when tenure and ownership of biodiversity is secure - can be achieved without external intervention?  Question
If such scenarios are so reliant on that initial contact between producer communities – who are often fragmented geographically and facing the challenges of poor transport which complicates the movement of bulky or perishable goods – and...
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4 Case study: Best practices in local ecosystem-based entrepreneurship  Document
The World Resources Report 2008: Roots of Resilience - Growing the Wealth of the Poor, a recent report by the World Resources Institute, the World Bank, UNDP, and UNEP, highlights best practices in local ecosystem-based entrepreneurship in a case...
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5 Natural Products Library Collection in RM Portal  Online Resource
This link takes you to the Resource Management Portal collection of documents related to Natural Products and FRAME.
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6 Natural Products Discussion Summary  Document
Abstract from Natural Products discussion summarizing comments.
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7 Himalayan Bioresources Newsletter - Vol1 Issue1  Newsletter
You will find below the first issue of the Himalayan Bioresources, a new electronic publication from ANSAB designed to systematize communications between our organization and its numerous partners, as well as between the partners themselves. ...
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8 Natural Products Resources on the RM Portal  Online Resource
This link will take you directly to a collection of resources on natural projects on the USAID Natural Resource Management and Development Portal. The collection will continue to grow as more documents are added.
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9 New global study shows high reliance on forests among rural poor  Online Resource
Wild foods make an essential contribution to food security for consumption as well as revenue to the poorest households. Some of the most important plant foods include wild fruits, nuts, leaves and seeds.  Diverse wild vegetation on and around...
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10 How do you deal with the unpredictability of wild foods?  Question
Unpredictable in the sense that they are usually found in small quantity, dispersed across a landscape and are not conventionally owned.
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