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1 Niger Droughts and NRM Investments  Topic
The Niger e-discussion, which was held in October 2005, provided a forum for experts in the field of natural resources management to share their thoughts on the relationships between prior investments in NRM and the incidence of famine and...
2 Burkina Faso's Hungry Herders  Online Resource
BBC News article focusing on the difficulties faced by livestock owners due to the raise in the price of millet, and the falling price of livestock. Un article de BBC parlant de la situation au Burkina, notamment les difficultés pour les...
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3 How have household adapted to food shortages and what roles have NRM investments played in preventing the impact of drought?  Question
I would like to invite participants of this forum to share their thoughts on the recent events in Niger.  I have written a background document that I hope you have had the time to read.  I hoped that we could begin the discussion by exploring...
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4 Report on trip to Niger with focus on natural regeneration of trees  Document
1-page trip report from Niger with focus on natural regeneration of trees (How a community in Niger escaped famine thanks to NRM).
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5 The Impact of NRM Investments on Food Crisis Prevention and Management  Document
This document is meant to set the stage for the Niger Discussion Forum to be hosted by FRAME (September 26 - October 7, 2005)
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Note rédigée pour servir de base d'une échange electronique. Elle fait part de la problématique alimentaire au Niger, des stratégies d’adaptation des populations, des indicateurs de suivi pris en compte et de la place de la GRN dans la prévention...
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7 Why does Africa seem to be more affected by drought than other regions?   Question
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8 Mainstreaming Drought Risk Management: A Primer  Document
The overall purpose of this Primer is to provide a basic roadmap for mainstreaming DRM into development planning and programming at different levels. It suggests and outlines a stepwise approach to define the drought risks within a given context. It...
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9 Intégration de la Gestion du Risqué de Sécheresse: Manuel introductive   Document
Le but général de ce manuel est de proposer une feuille de route pour l’intégration de la risque de sécheresse dans la planification et la programmation du développement à différents niveaux. Il présente une approche par étapes de la définition des...
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10 Africa-Asia Drought Risk Management Peer Assistance Network Newsletter - March 2011  Newsletter
  This is the March issue of the Africa-Asia Drought Risk Management Peer Assistance Network (AADP) newsletter, a monthly e-newsletter dedicated to informing the practitioners and policymakers working in drought prone countries of drought risk...
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