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1 Bushmeat Briefing 2: Double Brown Bag on Eastern and Central Africa  Topic
Brownbag 1: Implementing Bushmeat Solutions around Tsavo National Park, Kenya Presented by: Mr. Iregi Mwenja Senior Bushmeat Project Coordinator for the East African Wildlife Society in Kenya and BEAN Field Officer Innovative new...
2 Bushmeat Briefing 3: Alternatives, Enforcement and Capacity-Building: Examples of Key Solutions to Bushmeat Challenges  Topic
Summary On 29 January 2010, the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group hosted a Bushmeat Briefing to share recent developments in field projects in Africa, to learn about policy and law enforcement impacts of bushmeat in the U.S. and to...
3 An evaluation of potential bushmeat alternatives in Equatorial Guinea  Document
Presented by Heidi Ruffler, Zoological Society of London
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4 Healing the Rift: mitigating conflict over natural resources in the Albertine Rift  Document
Talk by Dr. Andrew Plumptre, Director of Albertine Rift Program, Wildlife Conservation Society
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5 Invitation to Healing the Rift, with Dr. Andrew Plumptre  Document
Meeting invitation
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6 Renewable Natural Resources: Practical Lessons for Conflict-Sensitive Development  Document
This study, “Natural Resources Management: Practical Lessons for Conflict‐Sensitive Development,” was researched and written by consultant Sandra Ruckstuhl for the Conflict, Crime and Violence Team of the Social Development Department (SDV),...
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7 Protecting the Environment During Armed Conflict An Inventory and Analysis of International Law  Document
This report inventories and analyses the range of international laws that protect the environment during armed conflict. With a view to identifying the current gaps and weaknesses in this system, the authors examine the relevant provisions within...
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8 Summary of Healing the Rift from The New Security Beat, Woodrow Wilson Center, ECSP  Online Resource
Summary of Dr. Andrew Plumptre's talk by Daniel Asin of the Woodrow Wilson Center's Environmental Change and Security Program.
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9 Interactions between HIV/AIDS and the Environment A Review of the Evidence and Recommendations for Next Steps  Online Resource
Citation: Bolton, S. and Talman, A. (2010). Interactions between HIV/AIDS and the Environment: A Review of the Evidence and Recommendations for Next Steps. Nairobi, Kenya: IUCN ESARO Office. viii + 62pp. This report presents a broad review...
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10 Practice to Policy to Practice  Document
A White Paper on faith and conservation in Africa, produced by Amy Gambrill, IRG consultant, for USAID's Biodiversity Analysis and Technical Support (BATS) program.
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