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1 NPR story on Climate Connections: Niger's Trees May Be Insurance Against Drought  Online Resource
Story by Richard Harris, published and broadcast on the radio and www.npr.org on July 2, 2007. Scientists studying vegetation patterns in the broad arid region just south of the Sahara desert have discovered that trees are growing like...
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2 Niger Droughts and NRM Investments  Topic
The Niger e-discussion, which was held in October 2005, provided a forum for experts in the field of natural resources management to share their thoughts on the relationships between prior investments in NRM and the incidence of famine and...
3 Synthèse des discussions en ligne sur l'impact des investissements de GRN au Niger. (Forum FRAME septembre - octobre 2005)  Document
Résumé de la discussion de la communauté sur le Niger en septembre-octobre 2005. Durant les mois précédant le forum, la plupart des nouvelles provenant du Niger et du Sahel étaient focalisées sur ce qui a été appelé alternativement...
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4 Burkina Faso's Hungry Herders  Online Resource
BBC News article focusing on the difficulties faced by livestock owners due to the raise in the price of millet, and the falling price of livestock. Un article de BBC parlant de la situation au Burkina, notamment les difficultés pour les...
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5 How have household adapted to food shortages and what roles have NRM investments played in preventing the impact of drought?  Question
I would like to invite participants of this forum to share their thoughts on the recent events in Niger.  I have written a background document that I hope you have had the time to read.  I hoped that we could begin the discussion by exploring...
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6 What is the nature/purpose of the various NRM interventions being seen now in Niger?  Question
I wanted to ask a question about the relationship between famine and drought, and how that affects the role of NRM in Niger.  Most commentators consider famine to be partially related to drought, but just as influenced by limited income,...
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7 NRM programs and time?  Question
On this thread, I wanted to raise another issue, that is a significant theme within Tony's work on FMNR (farmer-managed natural resources.  A number of his papers are located just next door in the document section of this discussion space, plus...
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8 Niger: NRM and population?  Question
Feel free to open the discussion within this topic area.
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9 African Drought Risk and Development Network (ADDN)  Topic
Welcome to the African Drought Risk and Development Network (ADDN) discussion page.  The ADDN is a region-wide network for advocacy, capacity building and peer learning sponsored by the United Nations Development Programme Drylands...
10 3rd African Drought Adaptation Forum Summary  Document
The Third African Drought Adaptation Forum was held 17th-19th September 2008 at the United Nations Conference Centre, Addis Ababa. This three-day workshop was sponsored by the United Nations Development Program’s Drylands Development Centre...
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