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1 What is the most significant constraint or barrier to CBNRM in Zimbabwe and how can it be rectified or addressed?  Question
Several constraints and barriers to CBNRM in Zimbabwe were identified during the CBNRM profile feedback or consultation workshop such as the lack of a coordinated CBNRM approach by practitioners and the lack of an integrated NRM approach. In...
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2 Community Based Natural Resource Management Stocktaking Assessment: Zimbabwe Profile  Presentation
This report offers a state-of-the-art view of CBNRM in Zimbabwe as of February 2010. Summary statistics, maps and results to date are included. The document also encompasses an analysis of CBNRM in Zimbabwe including lessons learned, two examples of...
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3 Proceedings of Zambia CBNRM Stocktaking Workshop  Presentation
Approximately 20 participants from a range of stakeholder groups gathered in Lusaka in July 2010 to discuss the state of the art of CBNRM in Zambia. In particular, they provided comments and input on the Zambia CBNRM profile that had been prepared by...
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4 Proceedings of the Consultative Workshop on the Malawi CBNRM Profile  Presentation
The report documents the presentations and discussions among a group of CBNRM stakeholders regarding the draft Malawi CCBNRM profile or stocktaking report. Presentation contents are summarized and full presentations can be found in the annexes....
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5 Malawi CBNRM Profile  Presentation
The report summarizes the stocktaking assessment which captures the state-of-the-art of CBNRM in Malawi. Achievements are documented and quantified and lessons and best practices are enumerated. The authors offer several recommendations on improving...
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6 Zambia CBNRM Profile  Presentation
This report presents the state-of-the-art of CBNRM in Zambia at present. Impacts of CBNRM efforts from their inception in the late 1980s are documented and quantified (to the extent possible). The author identifies best practices and lessons and...
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7 Proceedings of the CBNRM Consultative Workshops in Mozambique  Presentation
The document summarizes presentations and discussions at the consultative workshops (in Beira and Nampula) on the profile of CBNRM in Mozambique generated by a stocktaking assessment. Working group recommendations and priority actions are included as...
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8 How can coordination of CBNRM activities and initiatives be improved?  Question
Workshop participants noted overlapping and contradictory CBNRM efforts, especially those implemented by a range of NGOs. What is the best way to promote harmonious and coordinated approaches? Linked to this is the issue of sustaining coordination....
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9 Proceedings of the CBNRM Consultative Workshop in Botswana  Presentation
This document describes a multi-stakeholder workshop which was convened to discuss and reach a consensus on a stocktaking of CBNRM in Botswana. A total of 34 people attended the workshop which was held in February of 2011. Working group discussions...
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10 What is the potential for diversifying CBNRM in Botswana and realizing positive impacts for more communities?  Question
CBNRM in Botswana has largely been limited to trophy hunting and photographic tourism. Can it be diversified to other sectors/activities such as veld products? Why or why not? One major hurdle identified for diversification is the fact that many of...
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