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1 Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG)  Community
The Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG) comprises seven U.S.-based international conservation non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with field programs in Africa. ABCG explores emerging and high priority African conservation issues, shares...
2 ABCG Themes  Topic
ABCG regularly hosts meetings to explore emerging conservation themes, share lessons learned, and look for opportunities for collaboration.   Themes examined include: Addressing Global Climate Change in Through Adaptation and Actions in Woodlands,...
3 A Word document describing the value of Africa's natural resources to the global community.  Document
A Word document describing the value of Africa's natural resources to the global community.
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4 A Natural Resource Conservation Initiative for Africa  Document
A Natural Resource Conservation Initiative for Africa from the Africa Policy Advisory Panel (APAP) report.
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5 Guidelines for mitigating the impacts of HIV/AIDS on coastal biodiversity and natural resource management  Online Resource
This guidelines document describes the problems that lie in the interface between AIDS, gender, population and coastal biodiversity conservation and resource management. The authors describe how HIV and AIDS affect all people in a community by...
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6 HIV/AIDS and Conservation: Impacts and Ways to Reduce Them-- A Fact Sheet for the Conservation Community  Document
Fact sheet for the conservation community on the impacts of HIV/AIDS on conservation and ways to reduce these impacts.  Originally developed for the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, in November 2004, the fact sheet which was...
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7 Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM)  Topic
Recent Events May 17, 2011 - Gilbert Kajuna, USAID TanzaniaCommunity Based Natural Resources Management:  Establishment of Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) in TanzaniaGilbert Kajuna, USAID/Tanzania Tanzania, one of Africa's most bio-diverse...
8 Mining and Conservation  Topic
ABCG: On Mining and Conservation in Africa As conservation NGOs focus on larger landscapes such as ecoregions and hotspots, they must consider engaging with other sectors that impact biodiversity such as the mining industry. The African continent...
9 Capacity Building  Topic
To discuss capacity building initiatives by organizations belonging to the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG), a February 2001 meeting was held at African Wildlife Foundation (AWF).  ABCG organizations discussed new initiatives...
10 7 May CBNRM Meeting Agenda  Document
Agenda for 7 May 2007 ABCG-FRAME meeting on "Community-Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM): Impacts and Lessons Learned held in Washington, DC.
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