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1 Open Africa Inbound Tourism Model   Document
Our initiative (Open Africa), which is described in the attached document, is a community-based bottom up approach to tourism development that is synchronised with conservation and since protected areas are important tourism attractors, this helps...
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2 Restoring the Livingstonia escarpment to its original glory - the Pamoza environmental rehabilitation & conservation program  Online Resource
The Livingstonia Escarpment is in Rumphi District in the northern region of Malawi, west of Lake Malawi. It has a rich history being one of the first missionary settlements in Malawi established by Dr. Robert Laws in the early 1900s. The top of...
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3 Policy Brief: Integrating CBNRM Into UNCCD Strategies And Action Plans In Southern Africa  Document
The five Community-based natural resource management (CBNRM) Country Reports and the two Synthesis showed that CBNRM is an integrated approach tailored to the management of communal lands and natural resources. While initially conceived as a...
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4 Sustainable Land Management in Africa  Topic
Discuss the impacts and lesson learned regarding forest management in Africa.
5 Capitalisation de l'expérience sahélienne en amenagément des forêts naturelles pour la production du bois - énergie  Document
Capitalisation de l'expérience sahélienne en amenagément des forêts naturelles pour la production du bois - énergie
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6 Does it Pay to Invest in Africa's Drylands  Online Resource
Does it Pay to Invest in Africa's Drylands; By David Steeds and Chris Reij July 9, 2002, A draft analysis of some success stories. This working paper by David Steeds and Chris Reij documents successful cases of drylands development in a number of...
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7 The Other Green Revolution: Farmer-Managed, Agro-Environmental Transformation in the Sahel   Topic
How Farmers Reclaimed the Desert to Create an Agricultural Future for Africa Oxfam Sahelian Event: October 29, 2009 9:00-12:00pm Washington, DC Frameweb...
8 Sustainable Land Management in Africa Resources on RM Portal  Online Resource
This link will take you directly to a collection of resources on sustainable land management in Africa housed on the USAID Natural Resource Management and Development Portal. The collection will continue to grow as more documents are added.
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9 Would the innovative forest policies of Gambia and Rwanda (below) serve as good models for addressing deforestation and increasing forest cover in other countries?  Question
The Gambia and Rwanda (& 4 other countries outside of Africa) have been short-listed to receive the 2011 Future Policy Award for forest policies that best contribute to the conservation and sustainable development of forests for the benefit of...
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10 Managing the Miombo Woodlands of Southern Africa: Policies, Incentives, and Options for the Rural Poor  Online Resource
CHALLENGEThe miombo woodlands cover 2.4 million km2 in Southern Africa, stretching from Angola to Mozambique. They are the most extensive tropical seasonal woodland and dry forest in Africa. Because they cover such a large area, the miombo woodlands...
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