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1 ABCG Themes  Topic
ABCG regularly hosts meetings to explore emerging conservation themes, share lessons learned, and look for opportunities for collaboration.   Themes examined include: Addressing Global Climate Change in Through Adaptation and Actions in Woodlands,...
2 Conservation and Conflict  Topic
Conservation and Conflict: Cross-sectoral Collaboration, Funding Issues and Next Steps In September 2001, the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG) held a meeting with resource people from the relief, development and donor sectors to...
3 ABCG Meeting Minutes on Conservation and Conflict:  Document
To discuss lessons learned about how to promote cross-sectoral collaboration and continue conservation funding during and after times of conflict, ABCG held a September 2001 meeting with resource people from the relief, development and donor sectors...
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4 The Trampled Grass: Mitigating the Impacts of Armed Conflict on the Environment  Online Resource
The Biodiversity Support Program's Armed Conflict and the Environment Project ran from 1998 to 2001 to identify and raise awareness about the negative impacts of armed conflict on the environment, and develop concrete strategies for mitigating these...
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5 ACT Preventing Conflict through Improved Policies on Land Tenure, Natural Resource Rights, and Migration in the Great Lakes Region  Document
The African Centre for Technology Studies (ACTS) is conducting research on land, natural resource rights, migration and violent conflict in Rwanda, Burundi, and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. ACT is trying to figure the effects of the HIV...
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6 Biodiversity Conservation and Crisis: Key Issues for Consideration  Document
Biodiversity Conservation and Crisis: Key Issues for Consideration by USAID Biodiversity Analysis and Technical Support (BATS).
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7 Healing the Rift: mitigating conflict over natural resources in the Albertine Rift  Document
Talk by Dr. Andrew Plumptre, Director of Albertine Rift Program, Wildlife Conservation Society
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8 Invitation to Healing the Rift, with Dr. Andrew Plumptre  Document
Meeting invitation
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9 Conflict-Sensitive Conservation Practitioners' Manual  Online Resource
This Manual has been developed to guide conservation practitioners through the process of integrating conflict sensitivity into their work. Specifically, it offers a simple analytical framework and decision-making process to help conservation...
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10 Renewable Natural Resources: Practical Lessons for Conflict-Sensitive Development  Document
This study, “Natural Resources Management: Practical Lessons for Conflict‐Sensitive Development,” was researched and written by consultant Sandra Ruckstuhl for the Conflict, Crime and Violence Team of the Social Development Department (SDV),...
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