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1 Web Cast: HIV/AIDS, Agriculture, and Conservation: Impacts and Solutions   Online Resource
A Webcast of a discussion forum of the Environmental Change and Security Program at the Wilson Center in Washington DC in January 2007. Presentations by Richard Skolnik, Lori M. Hunter, and Judy Oglethorpe. Event information: The impacts of...
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2 Food Security and Conservation in Africa  Topic
Food Security and ABCG The Dar Vision for the Future of Biodiversity in Africa seeks to, in part, "Mainstream biodiversity in human well-being and development agendas." Towards this end, the Dar Vision supports work that "Harness[es]...
3 Current Initiatives to End Hunger and Improve Agricultural Extension in Africa  Document
29 Oct 04 powerpoint presentation by Charles Riemenschneider, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on "Current Initiatives to End Hunger and Improve Agricultural Extension in Africa"
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4 Food and Agriculture Organization  Online Resource
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations- Special Programme on Food Security's website (http://www.fao.org/spfs/)
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5 Climate Change as a Development Opportunity - Shanta Devarajan, World Bank Chief Economist for Africa  Online Resource
This blog entry by the World Bank's Chief Economist for Africa examines the impacts that climate change may have on African agriculture, specifically regarding rainfall and irrigation. He poses the question: could the threat of climate change (or the...
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6 Ensuring the Survival of Great Apes in Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo  Document
Dario Merlo's presentation provided a brief background on the Jane Goodall Institutes Community-Centered Conservation Programs in the DRC, and focused on the more recent efforts of facilitating the development of a Conservation Action Plan (CAP) for...
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7 Integrating traditional knowledge into the PA policies process to improve conservation in eastern DRC  Document
Dominique Bikaba's persentation covered aspects of community forestry managment, land conflicts, alternative livelihood options particularly for former poachers, and indigenous leadership in conservation and institutions. Bikaba has found creative...
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8 The Nexus of Biodiversity Conservation and Law Enforcement: The Case of Maringa-Lopori-Wamba Landscape in DRC  Document
Jef Dupain topic delved into the case of unsustainable bush meat hunting in the Congo Basin, and a general understanding that development of alternative livelihoods is needed to mitigate the impacts of unsustainable bush meat hunting and trade. For...
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9 Large Scale Land Acquisitions and Conservation in Africa  Topic
Background Following the spike in commodity prices in 2007-2008, media reports revealed that investors (e.g., government, international companies, venture capitalists) had expressed interest in 56 million ha of land for agriculture and forestry...
10 Investment Environment and Safeguards Applicable to Large-Scale Agricultural Investments in Uganda  Document
WRI produced a report on the investment environment and safeguards applicable to large-scale agricultural investments in Uganda. Considerably less international attention has been focused on Uganda, where the government has a history of allocating...
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