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1 Sustainable and Thriving Environments for West African Regional Development  Topic
The Upper Guinea ecosystem of West Africa is a high priority globally for biodiversity conservation and is of strategic importance in terms of peace building, extractive industries and other important commodities such as rubber, cocoa and oil palm....
2 STEWARD Program Overview  Document
Program leaflet with overview and objectives.
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3 Natural Resource Management - Haiti  Topic
Providing rural communities in Haiti with the economic incentives and knowledge to improve the management of critical watersheds and natural resources  The U.S. Agency for International Development’s (USAID) Economic Development for a...
4 Bulletin - DEED - Fév 2009 - French  Newsletter
Bulletin couvrant les activités de la première année du projet DEED.
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5 DEED Newsletter - March 2009 - English  Newsletter
Newsletter covering DEED project activities in February 2009
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6 Bulletin - DEED - Mars 2009 - French  Newsletter
Bulletin de projet DEED couvrant les activités du mois de Février 2009
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7 DEED Success Story - Marine Assessment - English  Success Story
This success story describes the process and results of a marine and coastal resources assessment conducted in Haiti's Limbe and Montrouis watersheds
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8 Histoire d’une Réussite - DEED - Zones Côtières  Success Story
Cette Histoire de Réussite décrit le travail des équipes d’experts qui ont évalué les zones marines et côtières des bassins versants de Montrouis et Limbé en Haïti
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9 DEED Success Story - Marine Assessment - Creole  Success Story
Plizyè ekip ekspè ap evalye lanmè epi zòn kotyè basen vèsan Montrouis ak Limbé.
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10 DEED Success Story - Producer Groups - Creole  Success Story
Douz gwoup kiltivatè nan zòn riral ap travay pou yon devlopman ekonomik nan yon anviwonnman dirab
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