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1 Transfer of Management for Protected Areas  Topic
Sharing examples on the transfer of management for protected areas Representatives of the National Forest Service and Ministry of Environment and Forestry in Madagascar are interested in getting in touch with agencies and organizations in...
2 What suggestions, contacts or other ideas do you have for the Malagassi natural resource management officials?  Question
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3 How are co-management support efforts around the world addressing the need to develop alternative income generation opportunities for local PA stakeholders?   Question
Generation of economic opportunities associated with protected areas: The ICDP model has given way to a broader geographic and economic approaches. But still the exists. How are co-management support efforts around the world addressing the need to...
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4 What is the legal basis for sharing of Park entry fees or concession fees with local stakeholders?  Question
At present here in Bangladesh(as in many countries) PA entry fees (if there are any) are returned to the Treasury Department of Min of Finance.  In a few countries (such as Madagascar) laws have been written to ensure that some percentage of Park...
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5 BARAHOGON - Gestion Paysanne de la Régéneration Naturelle au Mali  Online Resource
Le Barahogon, une institution traditionnelle dans le cercle de Bankass au Mali, dévelope depuis une dizaine d'années des stratégies de reconstitution de la couvert végétal de son terroir constitué uniquement d'espace agricole, à travers une gestion...
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6 BARAHOGON - Successful FMNR in Mali  Online Resource
The Barahogon, a traditional institution in the Bankass district of Mali, has over the last 10 years developped strategies to restore tree cover on their village lands through the active management of naturally regenerating trees in fields and...
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7 Barahogon - Successful FMNR in Mali - transcription  Document
A transcription of the film Barahogon in French and English Une transcription du film Barahogon en Français et en Anglais
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8 Miombo Ecoregion Vision Report  Document
This report is based on work conducted for WWF-SARPO circa 2001. Apparently, it never received wide distribution and has only recently (2011) been revised and made available online. The report provides a detailed overview of the ecoregion -- both...
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9 How can agricultural expansion -- one of the main threats to the Miombo woodlands -- be addressed?  Question
Agricultural expansion or conversion of natural woodland to cropland has been identified as one of the major threats to conserving the Miombo ecoregion. (Do you agree that this is one of the major threats? Why or why not?) Techniques or approaches...
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10 Webinar: The Dirty Dynamics of Natural Resource Conflict  Document
Please join USAID and FRAMEweb for the webinar: The Dirty Dynamics of Natural Resources Conflict: Learning Experiences in Integrated Development Programming This webinar focuses on a course developed by USAID on the intersection of land...
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