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1 Transfer of Management for Protected Areas  Topic
Sharing examples on the transfer of management for protected areas Representatives of the National Forest Service and Ministry of Environment and Forestry in Madagascar are interested in getting in touch with agencies and organizations in...
2 What suggestions, contacts or other ideas do you have for the Malagassi natural resource management officials?  Question
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3 Co-Management Community  Topic
This community explores co-management approaches for the management of a wide range of resources. "Co-management" usually refers to approaches where the roles and responsibilities of the public and private sectors are redefined and where...
4 What have other countries done to formally incorporate co-management principles in their legal framework for protected area management?  Question
Re-Drafting of the protected areas management Bangladesh is now re-writing its protected areas management Act, with support from our Project. In the process, we’d like to have more information on such questions as: What have other countries done to...
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5 Have other countries drafted such language for community/invidual declarations of conservation areas?  Question
The current Bangladesh PA network covers only 1.4% of the country’s surface area, but the Govt aims to reach a much higher proportion of land.  In the future, one likely means of hitting such higher targets is via “Community conservation areas”,...
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6 How are co-management support efforts around the world addressing the need to develop alternative income generation opportunities for local PA stakeholders?   Question
Generation of economic opportunities associated with protected areas: The ICDP model has given way to a broader geographic and economic approaches. But still the exists. How are co-management support efforts around the world addressing the need to...
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7 What is the legal basis for sharing of Park entry fees or concession fees with local stakeholders?  Question
At present here in Bangladesh(as in many countries) PA entry fees (if there are any) are returned to the Treasury Department of Min of Finance.  In a few countries (such as Madagascar) laws have been written to ensure that some percentage of Park...
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8 What other country resources on protected areas management exist in Spanish?  Question
If you speak Spanish, you may find the following link interesting. It contains the Strategies for Conservation and the Sustainable Use of Biodiversity for each of the protected areas in Costa Rica. Costa Rica itself, of course, is a pretty...
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9 Restoring the Livingstonia escarpment to its original glory - the Pamoza environmental rehabilitation & conservation program  Online Resource
The Livingstonia Escarpment is in Rumphi District in the northern region of Malawi, west of Lake Malawi. It has a rich history being one of the first missionary settlements in Malawi established by Dr. Robert Laws in the early 1900s. The top of...
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10 FRAME in Focus: Community Based Forest Management  Online Resource
This edition of FRAMEgram focuses on Community Based Forest Management (CBFM). There are many examples of appropriate forest management, in which environmentally sustainable use is supported while at the same time returning economic and other...
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