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1 African Inland Fisheries  Topic
To explore the current challenges to freshwater fisheries management in Africa. African fisheries management is challenged by a range of issues. Some are specific to fisheries while others arise from competition with/ or dependence on other...
2 What are the opportunities and challenges posed by privatization of fresh water fisheries?  Question
Welcome to the first topical discussion of the African Inland Fisheries community. Please share your experiences in regards to how Privatization of Fisheries offers opportunities and/or threats to sustainable fisheries management. The following...
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3 Community Discussion Survey  Online Resource
In recent months you were invited to join a new Community of Practice discussion - African Inland Fisheries. To help us determine how we can better serve our stakeholders (you), we ask you to take just a few minutes to respond to this...
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4 Chiefs still count: an assessment of fisheries co-management   Document
The introduction of co-management regimes to replace traditional or centralized management institutions must be recognized as involving significant re-organization of local power dynamics, cultural norms, and livelihood practices. While policy...
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5 An Adaptive Organizational Learning Framework for Resilience in Fisheries Co-Management: Based on Analysis of Fisheries Regimes in Malawi  Document
Due to fish stock declines in Lakes Malawi and Lacombe, the Malawian government introduced co-management to replace a central fisheries management regime that lack local legitimacy. Based on a combination of ethnographic and archival data collected...
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6 African Inland Fisheries Resources on the RM Portal  Online Resource
This link will take you directly to a collection of resources related to African inland fisheries on the USAID Natural Resource Management and Development Portal. The collection will continue to grow as more documents are added.
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7 Fisheries  Community
To provide a space for discussion and knowledge sharing around the world's fisheries.
8 Linking Food Security & Marine Protected Areas?  Question
Hello everyone, I have a question about marine protected areas (MPAs) and food security. As we're seeing around the world, MPAs are being used more and more for fisheries management purposes (i.e. supporting the spillover of fish from protected...
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9 West Africa: Fishing Communities Restore Health to Ocean Habitats  Online Resource
World Environment Day and World Oceans Day raise global awareness of the many challenges faced by countries Coastal communities in West Africa have seen significant progress in developing fisheries management Community groups are slowly changing...
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