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1 HIV/AIDS & Conservation   Topic
HIV/AIDS is having an enormous impact on the quality of life in many parts of the world. Not often discussed, however, are the impacts of HIV/AIDS on natural resource management and conservation.
2 Impacts of AIDS on natural resources and conservation capacity  Topic
Natural resources: There are several reports of impacts on natural resources due to AIDS. When households are caring for AIDS patients they often use more water, fuelwood and medicinal plants. When households lose their main salary earners and...
3 Maintaining Capacity for Conservation Organizations and Communities  Topic
Thanks to everyone who has shared their experiences so far. We hope that more colleagues will contribute today. Please feel free to share information about the impacts of HIV/AIDS on natural resource management and conservation as well as coping...
4 Reducing Impacts on natural resources and livelihoods   Topic
We have already had one posting on this, with Baraka's very useful reply to Drew on how to promote HIV/AIDS awareness in traditional Muslim societies. Below is a series of questions with a little information on some strategies that are being used...
5 AIDS Toolkits: HIV/AIDS and Community Based Natural Resource Management  Online Resource
This toolkit is designed for ministries and other agencies that support Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM) initiatives. It presents a methodology for: Understanding and assessing how HIV/AIDS impacts government agencies...
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6 Meeting the Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Conservation Agency Workforces: A Technical Guide  Document
Contributed by Steve McCool
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7 HIV/AIDS and Conservation resources on RM Portal  Online Resource
This link will take you directly to a collection of resources on HIV/AIDS and Conservation housed on the USAID Natural Resource Management and Development Portal. The collection will continue to grow as more documents are added.
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8 Health and Natural Resource Management  Community
Medicines derived from nature. Water access and clean water issues affecting the globe. Sanitation, over crowding, and pollution. HIV/AIDS and conservation impacts. All of these topics have a connection to natural resource management...
9 Linking Conservation and Health  Topic
FRAMEWebinar: Linking Conservation and Health Held on July 18, 2012 9:30-10:30 EDT WATCH THE WEBINAR HERE Too often, conservation and development practitioners work on parallel initiatives, neglecting opportunities to work...
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