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1 ABCG Themes  Topic
ABCG regularly hosts meetings to explore emerging conservation themes, share lessons learned, and look for opportunities for collaboration.   Themes examined include: Addressing Global Climate Change in Through Adaptation and Actions in Woodlands,...
2 Parks and Poverty  Topic
  On 13 July 2006, the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG) held a meeting in Washington, DC on "Parks and Poverty: Costs and Benefits to Local Communities".  The objectives of the meeting were to: discuss the...
3 Parks and People  Topic
  On 29 June 2005, the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG) and the Community Conservation Coalition (CCC) held a meeting on "Parks and People: Social and Legal Issues When Establishing and Expanding Protected Areas" in...
4 CBNRM in Quirimbas National Park  Document
CBNRM in Qurimbas National Park- Powerpoint presentation by Philipp Goeltenboth, WWF
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5 Parks and Poverty Participant List  Document
Participant list and contact info. from 13 July ABCG Parks and Poverty Meeting.
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6 Parks and Poverty Meeting Notes  Document
Notes from the 13 July 06 ABCG meeting on Parks and Poverty: Costs and Benefits to Local Communities.  See:  www.abcg.org or directly at: http://www.frameweb.org/ev.php?ID=15835_201&ID2=DO_TOPIC
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7 Parks and Poverty Reference List  Document
Reference list for 13 July ABCG Meeting on "Parks and Poverty: Costs and Benefits to Local Communities".
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8 Draft Parks & Poverty Agenda  Document
Draft Parks & Poverty Agenda
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9 WCS Living Landscape  Online Resource
The Wildlife Conservation Society's Living Landscape Program is based on a simple reality: animals do not recognize park boundaries, particularly wide-ranging species such as elephants, bears and jaguars. Indeed, while parks are essential for...
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10 AIDS Awareness to Action Campaign for Lengwe National Park, Malawi  Document
Report by Daulos Mauambeta of the Wildlife and Environmental Society of Malawi about a February 2004 "AIDS Awareness to Action Campaign" conducted in and around Lengwe National Park in Malawi with funding from the Africa Biodiversity...
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