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1 Planning, Mapping Future Trends and Interventions, and Adaptive Management for Biodiversity Conservation  Topic
  On 15 May 2008, the Africa Biodiversity Collaborative Group (ABCG) organized a meeting on "Mapping Future Trends and Interventions for Biodiversity Conservation in Africa Over the Next Ten Years".  The day-long meeting in Washington,...
2 Migration and Conservation: Issues and Interventions   Document
Powerpoint presentation by Kim Hamilton, Migration Policy Institute on "Migration and Conservation: Issues and Interventions"
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3 Interventions to Address Migration in Areas of High Biodiversity  Document
Powerpoint Presentation by Jenny Ericson on "Interventions to Address Migration in Areas of High Biodiversity"
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4 Emeging Actors in Conservation  Topic
The natural environment faces a dynamic set of threats, challenges and opportunities that conservationists seek to understand and respond to effectively. This section highlights efforts towards identifying and intervening in such cases. A part of...
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