Tomoye Ecco:
People, Knowledge, and Conversations

Welcome to the Tomoye Ecco Community of Practice, a remarkable place that enables groups of people working toward common goals to collaborate closely.  When it is important to share information quickly among and within groups, Tomoye Ecco has the tools to effectively disseminate that information and to connect the people and places that have the information with the people that need it.  This “place”, called a Practice Center, consists of a potent collection of communities, individuals, knowledge, and ideas.

It is important that community leaders and members develop and share a set of clearly defined goals so the power of Tomoye Ecco can be fully unleashed.  With goals established and in place, Tomoye Ecco provides the tools to connect people, their talents, their conversations, and their ideas with others throughout the community.  When all is said and done, it is the knowledge possessed by individuals that needs to be made readily accessible shared so that goals can be attained. 

This Guide contains the information and procedures required to participate as members of the practice center and individual communities as well as the administrative tasks necessary to support the individual communities and the practice center as a whole.