Have you been involved with, or know of examples of REDD-related processes which have successfully engaged a diverse range of stakeholders at the national and sub-national levels? These REDD-related activities could include preparations for REDD-readiness donor documents (e.g., the R-PIN, R-PP and the R-Package), national-level REDD Strategies and Action Plans or planning of pilot project/program, as well as their implementation. In these situations, stakeholders could include representatives from diverse civil society organizations, people from indigenous and other marginalized groups in forest-dependent communities, women from different stakeholder and rights holder groups, and also the private sector. (0 answers)

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My consulting client, the USAID-funded Forest Carbon, Communities and Markets Project, is particularly interested in: • National-level processes, including consultations, committees, and capacity building • National-level processes linked to sub-national consultations, committees or capacity building activities (so-called "nested" approaches to stakeholder engagement) • Other types of stakeholder engagement activities related to REDD While stakeholder engagement is routinely mentioned and promoted, descriptions of stakeholder engagement are often lacking in details about what was specifically done and why, as well as examples of how plans, strategies or projects were changed by stakeholder perspectives. What stakeholder engagement strategies were most effective and why? We would greatly appreciate your descriptions of specific stakeholder engagement strategies and results and/or your recommendations of useful documents or contact information for key informants. This information will be collated and disseminated to a wide audience and also used for REDD-related training. Please provide this information by September 1, 2012 to Nancy Diamond (nk_diamond@yahoo.com).

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